1. Keep you machine CLEAN!

2. Lightly grease the Clamp Stems #27, whenever they need it.

3. Do not enter into a contest of strength with any of the adjustments on this machine. You may win!

Inner end of the Arm Brackets rotate on the hub of the Wheel, there should be no excessive up and down looseness at this point. Four socket head screws in the thrust washer on the center post are the adjusters, very little down pressure is required to take up looseness. Put a tight lubricating fluid in between inner brackets. Tighten firmly, with no drag. The Arm Mounting Brackets float on the Series II Machines. It is important that this adjustment is checked on occasion. The Brackets should move laterally, with a smooth yet firm side to side movement without any up or down movement. To adjust, loosen locknut on the underside of the Wheel. Put a light lubricating Fluid on Rulon washer and under steel washer and bracket between wheel. Tighten Button Head Screws(s) slightly, checking for proper float and retighten locknut while still holding the bolt. Adjust both bolts, only one Arm at a time.

Annually repack wheel bearings by:

1. Removing dust cover screw and dust cover.

2. Remove N-06 lock nut.

3. Lift off wheel, removing upper and lower bearing.

4. Repack bearings with heavy bearing grease.

5. Apply light lubricating oil to felt seal ring in base of wheel.

6. Reassemble. Tighten N-06 lock nut to seat bearings then back off until wheel turns freely with no rocking.

7. Reinstall Dust Cover and tighten screw.

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