1. Lower Arm into Registration Gate

2. Remove the Arm Stop Bolt #4, and Bumper Tube #5, located at the top of Arm Mounting Bracket #1, by undoing Nut #3.

3. Hold on and carefully raise the Arm assembly to vertical position relaxing the Arm Springs.

4. Remove old Arm Springs and replace with new.

5. Lower Arm assembly into Registration Gate

6. Re-install Arm Stop Bolt, Bumper Tube and Nut. Snug tighten only, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, AS ARM RESISTANCE WILL OCCUR.

7. Raise Arm assembly to the up position.


Hopkins Printing Machines are carefully designed and built to provide smooth, quick, user friendly operation. You will get the most from your machine by gaining a thourough understanding of how to make and use the adjustments provided on the machine. If you treat your machine properly and are careful not to overtighten adjustment bolts, knobs, etc. as well as follow the maintenance instructions, your Hopkins Printing Machine will provide you with outstanding performance for many years to come. Proper new employee training on these procedures is necessary to maintain the quality and ease of use that Hopkins equipment provides.

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